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ACTIVITY 9: Live Production

Narrative: VEEP live production activities include live and recorded interviews, PSA’s, podcasts, news/broadcast segments, a talk series and education resources. VEEP delivers at least five live productions – derived from content development activities with at least 10 youth involved in the live production process (per unit/segment). VEEP live production include: interviews/interactive information sessions, which result in the development and establishment of emotional connections and social interactions during youths’ online learning experience. A minimum of 50 youth will experience the live production activities, which commence in January and run through to March, 2023. The innovation of VEEP includes features of creative team development and outreach/information sharing and dissemination strategies from both school boards and Canadian newsrooms used to maximize initiative implementation and impact on youth participants and broader community.

Output description: 10 youth involved in a minimum of 5 live VEEP production – 50 youth

Quantity: 5 live VEEP Productions

Target number of clients: 50 youth

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