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ACTIVITY 8: VEEP Creative content Development

Narrative: Youth create and produce (pre/post VEEP) original and youth produced content alongside community partners, school board representatives, IT specialists, college and university representatives, and media leaders/educators to create and integrate blended and collaborative learning experiences and products that encompass and result in new and traditional media; alongside guided and self-regulated learning management system resources. Content development activities are produced by youth with support of VEEP Staff and partners. Creative content development activities (although primarily delivered virtually), are designed to expand on VEEP workshops around youth perspectives, as it relates to the vast arena of education. 80 youth participate in the development of creative content; generated in pre/post VEEP stages with two activities per month. Thus, activity commences in July; and occurs in August, October, November, and December of 2022.


Output description: 10 units of products (2 per month x 5 months)

Target number of clients: 8 youth/activity x 10 units of product = 80 youth

Other Demographics: Community partners, School boards’ reps, IT specialists, College and University reps, media reps

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