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ACTIVITY 5: Workshops and Webinars

Narrative: VEEP supports youth skill and knowledge development through exploration and experiential learning in all areas of the proposed initiative, which include educational, collaborative, community and themed-based programing/activities with subject-matter specialists, educators and leaders that offer workshops and skill sharing opportunities (virtually). Primarily, live streamed interactive workshops focus on youth gaining and trying-on “real-life’ knowledge in the field of media convergence (ranging from web, radio broadcast, social media and learning management systems), educational gaming – coding and development, and enhanced social media platforms. VEEP workshops are designed to introduce and build transferable skills/talents geared to self-expression and confidence that transpose into traditional and non-traditional learning environments – which support and enhance in-school and distance learning experiences. VEEP hosts a total of 12 workshops/webinars with minimum of 10 participants (mixed cohort) for the duration of the project. VEEP workshops/webinars are delivered from April – June, as well as July, August and November 2022.

Output Description: workshops commence April, 2022

Quantity: FY 2: 12 workshops/webinars

Target number of clients: 10 youth per workshop/webinar x12 w/w = 120 youth participants

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