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ACTIVITY 4 Staff Training
(Continued- Framework Development)

Narrative:  VEEP Staff training includes the intricate use of TriCaster – broadcast and editing system (and all areas of technical production development); Fiscal Year 2, focusses on VEEP specific framework development and training. Staff work with an established network and are trained by field/subject-matter professionals for the purpose(s) of creating and/or establishing framework of VEEP Platform and online learning management system. Staff training is inline with the development and framework of VEEP and reflects initiative production requirements – specifically to outputs related to youth training and live production.

Output Description: VEEP staff obtain number of training units:  FY1: 3 units, FY2: 2 units

Quantity: 3 Staff x 5 units of training = 15 units of training

Target number: 3 staff participating per unit of training

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