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ACTIVITY 2: VYAT Monthly Meeting

Narrative: VEEP Youth Advisory Team (VYAT) formation is comprised of two cohorts, ages 14-17 and 18-24; each group enrolls 12 members – committed to initiative development for the duration of the project. The VYAT selection process is inclusive of pre-registration information sessions, interviews and orientation, with such considerations as age, gender, mixed country of origin, and the inclusion of youth from French Emersion, Public and Catholic School Boards and post secondary institutions. VYAT meets monthly to discuss school-based education and key integration pillar-based programming offered in IRCC funded youth programming. Activities include – facilitated and guided conversation by youth, for youth in areas of traditional vs. online learning; ideation and innovation sharing in all areas of education. VYAT polling, facilitated conversation/discussion along with quarterly reports, will be generated and shared; further additional language support will be provided for youth as needed – to ensure maximum engagement of participants. Outreach for VYAT is conducted by NCCE Inc. SWIS/YRC (in schools and among IRCC SPO’s youth programming). Thus, the two VYAT cohorts meet 19 times over the duration of the initiative for a total of 38 VYAT sessions.

Output Description: 2 cohorts x 19 months = 38 monthly VYAT meetings

(occurring in FY 1: 6; FY 2: 24; FY3: 8)

Target number of clients: 12 youth per cohort x 2 = 24 youth

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