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Narrative: VEEP will host three annual forums throughout the life of the initiative. VEEP forums target IRCC-eligible, newcomer youth and bring together emerging youth leaders, educators and community stakeholders to address emerging trends and approaches in education; including virtual best practices and innovative learning. More than 300 youth in W/E and across province will be invited virtually to attend. Forum participants and attendees include community stakeholders, IRCC SPO’s serving newcomer youth and School Boards.

FY1 Forum: The first VEEP forum will take place in March 2022 bringing focus to the traditional online learning that youth are engaged in. Subject matter experts/guest speakers will shed light on the traditional method of online learning with the understanding of the educational system. 200 youth from the region and the province will attend.

Output description: 1 forum x 200 youth and stakeholders = 200

Target number of clients: 200 Youth from Windsor/Essex and province 

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