Youth Transition to Employment Program

Frequently Asked Questions by Employers


Does my attachment to EI (Employment Insurance) have any effect on my eligibility?

The only requirement around your EI status is that you must not be in receipt of EI benefits before you start working with an employer under a Youth Transition to Employment Program Agreement. This means it is ok to be receiving EI benefits during the job search phase while registered for Youth Transition to Employment Program, but you will need to arrange to have your benefits stopped before you can go to work with a Youth Transition to Employment Program eligible employer. Your past EI claim history is not relevant to this program; however, you cannot have previously participated in a Youth Transition to Employment Program intervention.


I meet all of the criteria listed except I am currently employed. Can I still register to participate in Youth Transition to Employment Program to try and find a different job?

We can register you for Youth Transition to Employment Program if you are “under-employed”. We consider being under-employed to include some combination of the following:


  • You are currently working relatively minimal hours at your current job(s).

  • You are being paid a wage that is relatively low

  • You are in a job that is not making effective use of your knowledge and capabilities, and/or not providing opportunities for you to move into positions that are higher-paying and provide for career advancement


Under-employment is often a judgment call. For example, a person working two low-skilled minimum wage jobs may be working more than 40 hours per week in total, but we may still consider them under-employed. On the other hand, a person working in a low-skilled job but earning a good living wage and working full-time hours would likely not be considered under-employed. There is never any harm in making an appointment with us to discuss your specific situation.


As part of my job search, can I inform the employers I apply to that I am eligible for Youth Transition to Employment Program?

Yes, however we strongly encourage you to review the list of high-demand industries and keep in mind that only for-profit employers that may include but not limited to those in retail or wholesale trade, health care and social services, fabricated metals manufacturing, computers/IT/technology, warehousing and inventory management, most professional and technical consulting industries, waste management and recycling, mining and related services, utilities, and transportation are eligible for work experience agreements. Federal and Provincial government departments, agencies and crown corporations are not eligible.


We will provide you with guidance and advice around how to target employers and how to identify employers who are eligible to enter into work experience agreements under Youth Transition to Employment Program.




If you are interested in providing a work experience to a recent youth post-secondary graduate through this program please complete and submit an Employer Application Form in order for NCCE Inc. to assess your eligibility.


If you have any questions about the NCCE Inc. Youth Transition to Employment Program or would like to receive assistance

with the Employer Application Form, please do not hesitate to contact


Melissa Ventura at or 519-258-4076 ext 1608.