Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) helps newcomers to Canada develop the English language skills necessary for integration into Canadian society. LINC classes represent an important stage in the settlement process and help newcomers move on to further education, meaningful employment and successful careers.  Literacy to CLB 8 classes are offered in a friendly and  supportive environment with experienced and professional teachers.


Enhanced Language Training (ELT) assists skilled immigrants to Canada

(CLB 6-10) to acquire the necessary skills to enter and remain in employment commensurate with their skills and qualifications. ELT program provides specialized language training and work placements targeting the following occupations: administration, customer service, entrepreneurs/investors, healthcare, internationally trained professionals and skilled trades.





Immigrants With Occupation Related Knowledge (IWORK) is a bridge to work program designed to assist immigrants to Canada (CLB 3-5) develop necessary skills to enter the Canadian labour market. IWORK program provides specialized language training and work placements targeting the following sectors

including but not limited to: retail industry, food service industry, hospitality and manufacturing.